AlicIA can be adapted to multiple market niches, we tell you about it.

Security - Occupational

Camera Installation in movable assets (cranes, trucks, backhoe, vans)

• Enabling safe working environments

• Stopping assets in the event of injury “risks”.

Detection of non-use of safety uniform

Allows direct, real and uninterrupted evaluation of the uniforms and security equipment worn by employees and visitors in the monitored area.

Cross-track detection

Management and detection of road crossings by vehicles, motorcycles, people, etc.

IOT actuators

•Ability to respond physically once the AI has detected a problem.
•Responses are programmed from the control dashboard.

Crossing unauthorized zones

Configuration and notification when crossing non-permitted zones

Security - Threat Detection

Can be connected to video surveillance in real time

Easy integration with security camera system in real time.

Actual physical response

• Actuators are connected and can respond immediately to an eventuality.
• Door locking
• Alarm and disorientation sounds
• Lights off
• Notifications to emergency and rescue personnel
• Notifications
• Whatsapp
• Telegram
• Calls, etc.

Security evolution +I

Social” profiles are evaluated in search of “aggressive” behavior.

Firearms Detection

AlicIA has the ability to efficiently detect weapons displayed in any video or image format in real time.

Customer Service - Hospitality


• Threat Detector
• Dirty Table Discriminator
• Moto Counter
• QR Detector
• Object Detector
• Table Attention
• Hand Washing Detection

Business Productivity - Production Performance

Production lines

• Allows to keep track of production lines

• Production times, work station abandonment, efficiency.

• Ability through neural networks to perform people counting.

People counting

• Ability to perform people counting using neural networks

Crossing unauthorized zones

• Configuration and notification when crossing non-permitted zones

Management of High Value Assets

•AI models are trainable, allowing them to be trained to detect high-value assets and give them greater traceability. Don’t allow the loss of assets, and reduce theft and loss of products •Quality control

Innovation - Your AI department

¡Bring your idea and let us be your tailor-made Artificial Intelligence department!